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Patna issued Commercial/Birth/Marriage/Medical and Engineering Degree certificate attestation for UAE.

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Apostille, Attestation or UAE Embassy Legalization, the documents or certificates are divided into three types and these are Educational Documents or Certificates, Non Educational Certificates and Commercial Documents or Certificates. All the above mentioned three types of Patna issued certificates or documents could be Attested, Apostille or Legalized from UAE Embassy in Patna, India. To reach the final Legalization or UAE Embassy Attestation, the document or certificate has to pass through some mandatory primary legalization process from various authorized department. The Degree/Diploma/Birth/Marriage/Affidavit/PCC certificate attestation for primary, secondary and tertiary to be used in UAE, depends upon the type of certificate. The authorities are Regional Attestation Center (RAC), Human Resource Development (HRD), General Administrative Department (GAD), Ministry of Higher Education, Home Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) etc. The detail description of Attestation, Apostille and UAE Embassy Legalization for all the above mentioned three types of documents are as under,

Educational (Degree/Diploma) Certificate Attestation for UAE in Patna:
  1. Attestation by Notary (It is depend on State…Not compulsory for all state )
  2. Verification from University (It is depend on State…Not compulsory for all state )
  3. Attestation from Higher Education Department (HRD)
  4. Attestation from State GAD (It is depend on State…Not compulsory for all)
  5. Attestation from MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs of India )
  6. Legalization from Embassy/Consulate of UAE
Non-Educational (Birth/Marriage/PCC/Affidavit) Certificate Attestation for UAE in Patna:
  1. Attestation by Notary (It is depend on State…Not compulsory for all state )
  2. Attestation by ADM (It is depend on State…Not compulsory for all state )
  3. GAD Attestation from State Government
  4. Attestation from MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs of India )
  5. Legalization from Embassy/Consulate of UAE
Commercial (COO/Invoice/Packing List/Registration) Certificate Attestation for UAE in Patna:
  1. Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  2. Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA, India )
  3. Attestation from Embassy/Consulate of UAE

Agencies located in Patna specifically for getting Certificate Attestation for UAE

Birth/Marriage/Degree/Commercial Certificate to be authenticated for showing in UAE. Be it the city of Patna, people go to UAE for various reasons. For Immigration, studies and for jobs, people will require the authentication of Marriage/Birth/Degree/Diploma certificate from proper authorities, which needs to be done with immediate effect. To go out to UAE the certificate holds much importance, if either of the candidates/spouses/child needs to go to UAE of residence or service. Before this process can be finalised, the certificate apostille is required, which is possible to be done in Patna, through our agencies.

Competent agencies present India to look into Legalization of certificates for UAE

There are many such facilities for getting Attestation services in Patna, which allows people to obtain the right certification for their certificates. With this certificate apostille in Patna ready, people in the neighbourhood can now prepare for their visits to UAE. There will not be any issues with Degree/Birth/Marriage/Commercial certificate Attestation in Patna, because the agencies make sure that all the criteria are fulfilled, before accepting to do the Attestation of certificates. With such benefits spread across the entire country, people are in the right frame to move outside the country and get the things done easily by going in the right direction.

Patna issued certificate attestation for UAE.

Apostille Degree/Birth/Marriage/Commercial document for official use can be a very time consuming and frustrating process, and can even become a waste of money unless it is done properly. It is vital that you trust your documents only to experienced professionals who understand the way attestation and other notarization processes work. We are here to make your Attestation process as painless and enjoyable as possible.

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